What I offer

I teach Pilates matwork classes and individual sessions in the Wimbledon, Raynes Park and Merton Park area, working with people of all ages, abilities and levels of experience. I offer the following:

  • 1:1 or small group private sessions, either in your own home or in a local studio
  • Group matwork classes
  • Healthy back classes (to help manage and prevent low back pain)
  • Over 60's matwork classes
  • Corporate sessions 

Why Pilates?

Pilates exercises will teach you new movement skills, developing your body awareness, increasing your strength and flexibility and improving your posture and coordination. Pilates targets the deep postural muscles, building strength from the inside out, re-balancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment. It helps to reshape your body, which will become longer, leaner and more toned. Through improved movement and connection of mind and body Pilates is also a great way to relieve unwanted stress and tension that so many of us carry in our daily lives. 

Is Pilates for me?

Yes! Although you might think, ‘I’m not fit enough / flexible enough’, Pilates is for almost anyone, of any age and fitness level. Regular practice can bring benefit to everyone, from professional athletes, who often incorporate Pilates into their training, to first-time exercisers. It is not a ‘quick-fix’, but its controlled approach means that it gives longer-term results. We can discuss your goals and identify the best programme for you. 

If you are interested in joining a class, 1:1, or small group sessions or just want to learn more about what Pilates can do for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch: info@inmotionpilates.co.uk

Merton Fitness Classes

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“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

“In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20  you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body”

“Physical fitness is the first prerequisite of happiness”


Joseph Pilates



"Five months ago, with a diagnosis of scoliosis, I had excruciating lower back pain when I stood for more than a few minutes or walked, my back was hunching, and my general mobility was in decline.....  After my first few one-to-one sessions with Christine, the lower back pain was virtually gone and my mobility was dramatically improved. Now, after 20 sessions, people who haven’t seen me since I started Pilates are astounded by the improvement in my posture. It feels like having my life back and I can’t thank Christine enough. Her expertise is phenomenal, her dedication to her teaching is inspirational, and she is also great fun to learn with. Each week, she plans the session meticulously, and as well as this, takes the trouble to make videos so that I can do her activities at home. My only regret is that I didn’t start Pilates with Christine much sooner.”  Jenny, Raynes Park

"Pilates has been an enormous benefit to me. It keeps my joints and muscles in good shape and is particularly helpful for balance which inevitably deteriorates with age.  Christine is always cheerful and encouraging ...  I recommend it to all my friends."  Don, Wimbledon

"Christine is professional, friendly, helpful and always ready to adapt exercise to suit our various weak spots. She loves her work, includes great variety in each class - and makes it fun - what more could we want?" Francesca and John, Wimbledon
"As a weekly participant of Christine’s classes I found the  care, attention and tweaking of exercises to suit all of our individual needs perfect, her ability and expertise is really inspirational.”  Wendy, Wimbledon
"I really like the way Christine manages to get us all going at the correct tempo, despite our diversity in age and ability....A very nice teacher with good skills. So pleased to have attended her classes!" Meg, Wimbledon
"Christine is a good teacher and caters for individual needs in class.  Every session is well planned with enough variety to keep you on your toes.   Every class left me feeling stronger and more flexible." Fiona, Wimbledon